Qingdao University of Technology

Founded in 1952, Qingdao University of Technology (QUT) has begun as a Civil Engineering School and has come a long way since then. Being a flagman university we pushed the boundaries of knowledge, transformed the academic experience and nowadays we are a comprehensive university mainly focusing on Engineering, coordinately covering other spheres as Science, Economics, Management, Literature, Law and Art. QUT's main major pillars are Civil Engineering Architecture, Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Due to hard work, innovative researches and cutting-edge solutions QUT has become one of the universities financed by Project 111 - the plan initiated by the Ministry of Education of PRC to establish innovation centers for the purposes of technology transfer. Our community has gained tremendous strength as a magnet for talents from around the world.

The university consists of three campuses within Qingdao City (Huangdao Campus, Shibei Campus) and Linyi City (Linyi Campus), and covers a vast area of 2,171,500 sq.m. As a brief chronological history of university - founded in 1952 and renamed to Qingdao University of Technology in 2004, we obtained the right to enroll postgraduates in 1993 and doctoral students in 2005.

From science and engineering to the arts, architecture, humanities, social sciences and management, the university combines 12 academic schools: School of Civil Engineering, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, School of Information and Control Engineering , School of Science, School of Management Engineering , Business School, School of Humanities and Foreign languages, School of Arts, etc. Our undergraduates work shoulder to shoulder with faculties and transfer the ideas into action, QUT is fully capable to cultivate nation's best talents whether it is bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree and to make appropriate contributions to the nation and the world. QUT has 2 postdoctoral research hubs, 2 disciplines to confer doctoral degrees, 21 disciplines to confer master's degrees and 59 undergraduate programs. At the present, our campus is a workshop for 34,000 full-time students.

Civil engineering , Mechanical engineering and Environmental science and enginerering disciplines have been selected as provincial first-class disciplines (including cultivation). The engineering discipline has entered the 1% ranking of ESI, as well as 12 majors were selected as the construction sites of national first-class undergraduate major, and 23 majors were selected as the construction points of first-class major in Shandong Province.

QUT has 5 national-level teaching and research platforms, including the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and the National and Local Joint Engineering Center, and 26 provincial and ministerial research platforms and 4 collaborative innovation centers, such as the Engineering Research Centersand Key Laboratories of Ministry of Education and Shandong Province.

QUT has more than 2,400 faculty members currently, of which there are 746 teachers with PhD degrees and 825 teachers with senior professional and technical titles. There are 1 fellow of Japanese Academy of Engineering, 1 fellow of Russian Academy of Engineering and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 1 fellow of the Royal Society of Arts of Britain, 5 part-time academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 7 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding national contributions.

QUT has trained more than 240,000 scientific engineering and management talentsin the past 70 years with highemployment rate, employment quality and employer satisfaction. A number of key research results are applied to some major projects, including the Three Gorges Project, lunar exploration project, coastal high-speed railway, cross-sea bridge and submarine tunnel engineerings.

QUT attaches great importance to cooperation at home and abroad. QTU has cooperated with more than 100 well-known universities and research institutions of America, Germany, England, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, etc. The university has been approved for 4 Sino-foreign cooperative projects. QUT keeps close touch with more than 200 domestic local governments, enterprises, universities and research institutes in the field of talent training, scientific research, social services and other fields.

Sticking to the Spirit of "Perseverance, Determination, Devotion", QUT strikes to serve the economic and social development of Shandong Province and the whole country. At a new historic juncture, QUT is shouldering new social responsibilities and historical mission, and striving towards the goal of building a high-level application research university with distinctive characteristics.