Undergraduate Education Cooperation Project in Architecture between Qingdao University of Technology and Kwangwoon University


The cooperation project was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2011 (Project Approval Letter: No. MOE37KR2A20111188N), and the enrollment began in the same year.

The cultivating program of this project is jointly formulated by Kwangwoon University and Qingdao University of Technology (QUT). Relying on the high-quality educational resources of the two universities, the project aims to cultivate general compound senior architectural technical talents with innovative thinking and international vision, strong architectural design practical ability and innovation ability.

I. Enrollment situation

The project is included in the unified examination for admissions to general universities and colleges with science enrollment. The length of schooling is 5 years.

II. Main courses

Korean, English, arts, descriptive geometry and shadow perspective, computer CAD, architectural design principles — public buildings and residential buildings, architectural structure and selection, Chinese architectural history, foreign architectural history, architectural mechanics, architectural equipment, building materials, architectural design, urban planning principles, architect professional practice, etc.

The project implements mutual recognition of credit and joint cultivation. Kwangwoon University sends professional teachers and relevant managers to participate in this cooperative project, and more than a third of the courses are taught by teachers from Kwangwoon University. This cooperation project has 12 South Korean teachers teaching all the year round in QUT, among which the doctoral rate of professional teachers has reached 66.7%. Most of the professional courses are introduced from Kwangwoon University.

III. School-running mode

Students should be studying in QUT for 5 years and complete all the prescribed courses and credits, and meet the prescribed graduation and degree awarding requirements to obtain the undergraduate diploma and bachelor degree certificate of QUT. And students who meet the graduation and degree awarding requirements of Kwangwoon University could obtain bachelor of architecture degree certificate of Kwangwoon University. In the fourth year, students with excellent grades can go to Kwangwoon University for 1 year study. After graduation from undergraduate course, students can apply for continuing master’s and doctoral degrees at Kwangwoon University.

IV. Project characteristics

1. Key majors of the university

2. Qualified teachers

3. Outstanding Korean and English level

4. Broad employment prospects

5. Low study costs

V. School profiles of both parties

1. School of Architecture and Urban Planning of QUT


2. Kwangwoon University