A Delegation from National Institute of Education and Singapore University of Technology and Design Visited QUT


On September 13th, a delegation of four people including KONG Lijuan, Director of the National Institute of Education, and WANG Borui, Director of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, visited QUT. Vice President ZHANG Kai met with guests, and officials from Office of International Affairs, Graduate School, and relevant academic schools attended the meeting.

First of all,ZHANG Kai pointed out that the two universities have a high degree of compatibility with our university in terms of school positioning and advantageous disciplines, and have a common willingness to carry out various forms of international cooperation. He hopes that in the future, resources can be shared and substantive cooperation can be carried out in teacher training and student joint training. Subsequently, ZHOU Hongyan introduced the university's international cooperation in scientific research, student joint training, and Sino foreign cooperative education.

After that, KONG Lijuan introduced the overview of the National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, with a focus on various visiting, training, and study programs; Director WANG Borui introduced the professional settings, faculty, and master programs of Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Then, relevant personnel from the International Exchange Office, Graduate School, and various educational departments had in-depth exchanges with the two universities regarding professional academic system, curriculum design, credit requirements, degree awarding, tuition fees, etc., and reached preliminary consensus on multi-mode joint training programs for undergraduate and graduate students.